Eyes on the Shore

Eyes on the Shore is a band from San Francisco. We play rock and roll with a surf and western vibe. 

Making of A Golden Blue. 

There is music you love, and then there is music that becomes a part ofyou—their story, words and melodies are yours and become intertwined with your being. San Francisco-based band, Eyes on the Shore, takes listeners on their journey through wondrous soundscapes, explosive crescendos and heartbreaking vocals. 

Featuring bombastic drum and bass, washed-out surf rhythms, and Beatles-style harmonies, Eyes on the Shore delivers hard rock with delicate, reassuring hands. Lead bass riffs take on a heavy, low-end grit, while ethereal guitar melodies stand as the voice of the band; raw, bottomless vocals croon simple but intricate verses while Latin rhythms and salsa beats seamlessly slip their way into rock songs. 

Establishing a sizeable following since their first EP, in addition to an array of local shows, the band has had radio airplay on Live 105, played at Oyster Fest, showcased for SF Station, and performed at Oracle Open World 2014.

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