Eyes on the Shore

Eyes on the Shore is a band from San Francisco. We play rock and roll with a surf and western vibe. 

Day 3. Drums are completo.

Spent the last three days recording drums and drinking coffee. Working with Aaron Hellam on this record is proving to be a stellar choice... we are experimenting with a lot different styles and tones for the album. Besides the standard close micing techniques used for drums, Aaron spent a while dialing in several tube mics around the room and drumset. We are finding it will be a breeze dialing in a "Ringo" style room sound to a washy surf rinse of lo-fi goodness at any moment throughout the album come time to mix. Recording drums is a very exciting way to start a project because its a bombastic acoustic instrument with multiple sounds, tones and timbres. There is no one way or "right way" to capture drums, but it certainly requires a sense of style and aesthetic. 

Tomorrow we move on to the low end, spending the next few days recording bass guitar(s). Just as much as Aaron seems to shine with drums, Antrom and I connect with Aaron as fellow guitarists and tone seekers. Stay tuned this week as we tackle bass and guitar... 
- K.G.