Eyes on the Shore

Eyes on the Shore is a band from San Francisco. We play rock and roll with a surf and western vibe. 

Week 5. Cory and a microphone.

A quick update from the studio! We are five weeks deep in the studio and are currently tracking vocals. Cory has been locked up in the cave with a very nice tube mic and his thoughts. 

1176 Compressor. 

1176 Compressor. 

Next week we will be moving on to some fun territory - piano, organ, horns, acoustic instruments and percussion. All of the little details and colors will come to life. We are stoked to announce Patrick Glynn from Tumbleweed Wanderers will be accompanying us on keys for the record. Our rehearsals last week went very well, can't wait to share his shredding abilities with you all. 

Things are moving along quite nicely, the record is becoming a reality. Back to work…