Eyes on the Shore

Eyes on the Shore is a band from San Francisco. We play rock and roll with a surf and western vibe. 



After spending five months in our studio, we are excited to announce we will be recording and releasing a new album this year. The concept is based off “Bekhan Ba Ma”  meaning “Sing with Us” in Farsi بخوان با ما

We are currently in production and are planning on a Spring release. We are hosting a “pay what you want” pre-order campaign through our website. This directly funds our recording costs, and gets you some inside access to our upcoming music! Any pre-order amount gets you first access to the album before it drops, as well as direct updates from us every week from the studio. 

Please see below for our pre-order tiers - you can pay whatever you like! Any order amount gets you a digital download of the album before it comes out. Amounts listed below guarantee you access to certain perks:


$25 | VINYL | pressing this straight to 160 gram vinyl with artwork and liner notes. Summer 2018 expected delivery. 

$50 | ART BOOK/SIGNED VINYL | We are releasing an art book featuring photos from our adventures over the last few years with a story about the making of the record and our process over the last 15 years. Includes signed vinyl copy. 

$100 | YOUR NAME IN THE LINER NOTES | You can be part of the vinyl artwork, listed as a contributor! Includes Vinyl + and Artbook

All prices listed above include shipping and handling for physical products. Digital copies will be delivered exclusively to you before the album comes out! Merci!